Storytelling for non-profits

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Every organization needs to communicate clearly, internally and externally. Non-profit organizations in particular have neither the funds nor the time to waste on muddled communication. When an organization is justifiably passionate about its work and passionate about changing the world, communication can sometimes become difficult, because passion is urgent and doesn’t always leave room for clear language. Communicating clearly can also be challenging if the organization’s vision needs better definition.

Understanding your story and how to tell that story effects you, your stakeholders, volunteers, your cause and the public will help any non-profit raise funds more effectively, build better campaigns or tools and help more people.

Thinkstory can help your organization define its vision, identify the key stories in your work, develop a coherent over-arching story, and train you to tell that story well and consistently. Please review the offerings on our Programs page and contact us. We can develop a program for your specific needs.

With the right well-told story you can change the world.


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