Among the great American stories is the one about the lone hero who rides into town, defeats the bad guys and makes a great speech, then rides off into the sunset. Women swoon, men want to be his friend, children long to be him.

It’s a great story, but skips over some important details. Details like how he first learned about strategy, fighting and wise retreats. How he defeated his fear of public speaking. And it skips over the last vital detail: He is so good at what he does that he teaches the townspeople how to take care of each other and themselves.

A good coach can help with those details. Whether you are a for-profit business professional, just starting in your career, a non-profit fund raiser or any other kind of hero, good coaching will help you understand and build upon your own strengths; recognize, understand and overcome your weaknesses; and hone your work so it shines while remaining absolutely in your own voice.

Laura can help you with

  • public speaking
  • writing
  • highlighting the story within the facts
  • executive management
  • business projects
  • personal growth
  • community building
  • and more


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