Why do you need to thinkstory?

Human beings tell stories. It’s what we do when we’re children, when we chat while standing in line with a stranger and when we discuss projects at work.

Stories help people learn, digest and share information. They move us, inspire us, and help us be more creative. Stories seal teams and transmit culture. Stories convey the knowledge needed in today’s business environment far more effectively than the usual business tools can alone. A well-told story makes facts and figures come alive in a way that a slide show cannot.

When businesses and non-profits capitalize on our storytelling nature, it is inevitable that we communicate more effectively, work more efficiently and develop products or services that better meet our customers’ needs. We engage our stakeholders and build stronger organizations. We know who we are, as a company, as employees, as advocates.

When you tell a story, people listen. They remember. And when you listen to your co-workers, employees and customers’ stories, it tells them you care about their needs and input far more than just throwing them an annual party.

thinkstory can help you and your stakeholders develop a constructive storytelling and listening practice. You’ll end up with the tools and training to help each other in the future and to move your organization toward sustainable action.

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